• An End to Business Reporting Frustration

Frustrated by Business Software that Doesn't Fully Deliver the Required Information?

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  • Are Smart, Easy-to-Read and Understandable Reports A Distant Dream? Read more...

  • Do You Waste Vital Time And Resources Through Manual Handling And Duplicated Data? Read more...

  • Are you delaying decisions and missing deadlines due to late, inaccurate reporting? Read more...

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The Cost of Inefficient Business Software Can Be High

This is the digital age. It's no longer enough to bumble along with manual systems and outdated technology. In order to stay ahead of the game, contemporary business is faced with a stark choice. Become a truly intelligent enterprise, or perish.

So what is a genuinely smart business?
One with access to bang up-to-date information and targeted data flow covering every aspect of its function and performance.

And what happens to the business drowning in a sea of don't-know figures and not-sure forecasts?
  • Effective strategic planning is impossible due to scanty or error-laden reporting.
  • Countless money is wasted due to inadequate tracking of incoming and outgoing funds.
  • Your best customers are neglected due to misleading sales figures.
  • Inefficient suppliers slip under the radar due to poor record keeping.
  • Under-performing staff members are let off the hook due to sloppy tracking of their habits, work behaviour and performance.
  • Tax time is a nightmare due to non-compliant and ill-conceived documentation.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Smoothstream Business Intelligence (SBI) has the solution for Human Resource Management, Payroll & Employee Timesheet Management.

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